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What is a Celebrations Signature Shot?

Over the years, Celebrations has recognized particular shots that stand out from the rest. The ones that possess that unique "wow" factor. Some are traditional and timeless, some are groundbreaking and cutting edge... but most importantly, Celebrations Signature Shots are spectacular! We created and offer a group of twenty shots that a Celebrations photographer is intimately familiar with the poses, the framing and the creative to eye to capture that magical moment. [samples]

Please review the full list of Celebrations Signature Shots below:

  • Close up arrangement of Bride shoes, bouquet, garter...
  • Close up of wedding rings in bouquet
  • Close up of Brides face looking through veil
  • Bride in mirror (traditionally on the wall, uniquely hand held
  • Someone’s "hand on Brides dress"/dress detail
  • Bride peering over her bouquet
  • Close up of Groom's boutonniere on his lapel
  • The alter from back of church – floor level (long shot of the Bride and Groom)
  • Bride with her arm and bouquet looking out the limo window
  • Bride being held up horizontally by groomsmen
  • Groom being kissed by the bridesmaids (or blowing kisses)
  • Groom dipping Bride
  • Bride and groom with (bridesmaids and groomsmen optional) jumping, running
  • Ring Shot, Bride and Groom holding ring out to camera
  • Ring Shot, Bride and Groom with their arm down holding hands, grooms knee perspective...
  • Close up of Bride and Groom kissing and toasting
  • Cake shot details
  • Bride's ring hand on back of Grooms neck (slow dancing style)
  • Groom's ring hand on back of Brides waist (slow dancing style)
  • Cake top and/or champaign glasses with bride and groom in distance

Celebrations Signature Shot Samples

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